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Business Restructuring


If your business is currently facing difficulties within its markets while competitors thrive; we can help you resolve the issue by restructuring your business and its finances to ensure that your business is capable of reaching its full potential.

This involves reviewing your debt to determine whether the business is over borrowing or whether it could benefit from short term capital financing.

We help clients throughout Ireland, to maximise their profits and reach their full potential by conducting an extensive business review. Our review involves carrying out an assessment of your current business structure in terms of personnel, management and financing.

Management Structure

When trying to determine the cause of stagnant market share and declining profits, it is important to consider the management and personnel structure within your business before deciding to restructure any finances.

It is vital to determine whether management are creating profitable opportunities and working towards a common goal. In addition, we will assess whether your business has the correct personnel to achieve the set goals and whether they have been notified of the business’s mission.

Business Financing

Once the internal structure of the business has been assessed, we will then look closely at your business’s finances.

We will assess whether your business’s debts are required or unnecessary. You may be over financing, investing in the wrong areas or under financing and therefore, failing to meet business expansion and market share goals.

At Thrive Financial & Business Consultancy, we work closely with your management team to determine the correct sources of finance and financing options to ensure that your business is sustainable and capable of achieving maximum profit levels.

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